How We Can Work Together

How We Can Work Together

Comprehensive, ongoing planning subscriptions–we’ll tackle everything!  As an ongoing client paying a quarterly fee, every aspect of your financial life is able to be addressed over time. We will do a couple of meetings up-front (in-person or on the phone/web conference) to identify your goals and needs, after which I will recommend a plan, and then help you to implement and monitor the plan as events unfold in your life.  You will always be able to contact me with questions, and we’ll have regular touch points during the year (as needed or at least quarterly).  Prices range from $350-$750 for most per quarter, it may be more depending on complexity and time needed to create and execute the financial plan.

Hourly questions/issues– I will work with you to identify a couple key goals or issues that need attention.  We will have an initial meeting (in-person or on the phone/web conference) for information gathering, and then a follow-up meeting to review the recommendations and plan.  I can address as many needs as you have, but more complex situations that need time to work through are best served by an ongoing subscription planning engagement.  My per hour rate is $150/hr.

Meeting With Your CPA Financial Planner 

Creating a relationship with your CPA financial planner is similar to establishing a trusting relationship with other professionals on whom you rely for sound, objective advice, such as a doctor or attorney. You will want to find a CPA financial planner who can best protect your interests, listen to and address your concerns and, equally important, make you feel comfortable and valued. It all begins with your first meeting. Here is what you can expect:

  • Scope of Services. When you schedule an appointment, he or she will ask you to explain the type of services you need – your scope of services, also called an engagement. Examples include, divorce settlement analysis, social security financial planning and retirement planning.

  • Required Paperwork. Your CPA financial planner will ask that you bring specific records and other documents with you to the meeting. The type of documents will depend on the engagement. Providing the proper paperwork will allow your CPA financial planner to better understand your situation, and ensure a productive meeting.

  • Cost of Services. Once you have met and discussed the engagement, your CPA will provide you with an engagement letter summarizing the services and the scope of work to be performed. It also will discuss the terms of payment depending on the type of engagement.

A CPA is in an ideal position to understand your current financial position, and specially trained to help you prepare for the future as well – providing objective, independent advice so you can make informed decisions.

As you start thinking about putting together a plan for your family or small business, think about turning to the person who can work with you to coordinate your total financial situation. And help you craft a plan that’s CPA Strong.

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