My Process

My Process

Whether you’re thinking of purchasing a new home, saving for retirement, considering a divorce, eliminating debt or funding a college education a CPA can help you achieve financial milestones. Pinnacle Financial Planning uses a three step approach to financial planning.

The point isn’t to be afraid; it’s to have a plan in place that offers as much protection as you need to weather a storm. And who better to talk about risk in a clear, levelheaded way than an objective CPA financial planner?

Planning -  Meeting with clients, either virtual or in-person to facilitate the development of financial goals.  Also, gather enough information to complete the financial plan and make recommendations to the client.

Strategy – Devising practical savings and investment strategies that help the client navigate the complexities of their financial life, capitalize on their strengths and address their financial weaknesses.

Results – I help to monitor and revise your financial plan as necessary so you can create a fluid action plan that meets your goals as well as your lifestyle.

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