Social Security Analysis

Social Security Analysis

As the population ages, more people are faced with the decision of when to take social security.    It is important to make the correct choice for your situation.  Most decisions can’t be undone once they are implemented.  That’s why you should consult your trusted CPA financial planner.  Your CPA planner can:

  • Social Security analysis consists of an initial free consultation call or meeting

  • Provide all relevant information related to the client’s Social Security claiming decision;

  • Pinnacle uses state of the art software analysis to optimize filing age(s) that yields the maximized lifetime benefit amount, highest annual income, and highest survivor income for couples

  • Provide a review of reports and summary spreadsheets and further analysis of any other alternative dates clients would like to consider.

  • Final deliverables include PDF report(s) and summary spreadsheet of all claiming ages considered

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